I've been a racing fan since the mid-'70s. Over the years, as my interest in different aspects and forms of motor racing grew, and as I was able to afford more performance-oriented cars, it was almost inevitable that I'd attend driving schools and spend some time at the track. Now I've gone completely off the deep end: Watching is no longer enough and I want to do. Uh-oh.

On this and associated pages, I'm documenting my experiences building and driving a race car. This includes updates on modifications to the car, as well as info on race schools, track days, and race week-ends. My purpose in doing this is two-fold: One, it'll be nice to have some kind of record of what I've done, especially as I get older and old data gets crowded out for new. :) Two, I hope other people interested in club racing will have a little window into what it's like and what's involved, as well as challenges I've faced and lessons I've learned.

Okay, three-fold: I hope it's entertaining reading, too!

The Life and Times of "Road Hazard Racing"

Recently updated

19 July 2020   Logbook
19 July 2020   Car Tender Challenge
16 February 2020   2015 Racing Year in Review
8 July 2019   Racing equipment - 1997 Honda Civic
8 July 2019   Racing equipment - 1997 BMW M3-R

Detailed results for each season, including links to race reports

Scenes from the track
Pictures and in-car video clips

Frequently asked questions (or just things you should know)

Bitten by the racing bug
How I got interested in racing in the first place

Previous car, 2012-2016

Picture of Civic
(1997 Honda Civic DX)

Equipment list
The stuff that makes it go

Previous car, 2005-2012

Picture of M3
(1997 BMW "M3-R")

Equipment list
The stuff that makes it go

Previous car, 2005

Picture of Miata
(1990 Mazda Miata)

Previous car, 2002-2004

Picture of Integra
(1997 Acura Integra GS-R)

From street car to race car...
Converting a sedately driven used car into a hard-chargin' racer

Equipment list
The stuff that makes it go

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