I've been a racing fan since the mid-'70s. Over the years, as my interest in different aspects and forms of motor racing grew, and as I was able to afford more performance-oriented cars, it was almost inevitable that I'd attend driving schools and spend some time at the track. Now I've gone completely off the deep end: Watching is no longer enough and I want to do. Uh-oh.

On this and associated pages, I'm documenting my experiences building and driving a race car. This includes updates on modifications to the car, as well as info on race schools, track days, and race week-ends. My purpose in doing this is two-fold: One, it'll be nice to have some kind of record of what I've done, especially as I get older and old data gets crowded out for new. :) Two, I hope other people interested in club racing will have a little window into what it's like and what's involved, as well as challenges I've faced and lessons I've learned.

Okay, three-fold: I hope it's entertaining reading, too!

The Life and Times of "Road Hazard Racing"

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16 February 2020   2015 Racing Year in Review
4 December 2019   Logbook
8 July 2019   Racing equipment - 1997 Honda Civic
8 July 2019   Racing equipment - 1997 BMW M3-R
21 June 2019   Bitten by the racing bug

Detailed results for each season, including links to race reports

Scenes from the track
Pictures and in-car video clips

Frequently asked questions (or just things you should know)

Bitten by the racing bug
How I got interested in racing in the first place

Previous car, 2012-2016

Picture of Civic
(1997 Honda Civic DX)

Equipment list
The stuff that makes it go

Previous car, 2005-2012

Picture of M3
(1997 BMW "M3-R")

Equipment list
The stuff that makes it go

Previous car, 2005

Picture of Miata
(1990 Mazda Miata)

Previous car, 2002-2004

Picture of Integra
(1997 Acura Integra GS-R)

From street car to race car...
Converting a sedately driven used car into a hard-chargin' racer

Equipment list
The stuff that makes it go

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